How to Install WORDPRESS on localhost using XAMPP

Hey folks, searching for How to install WORDPRESS on localhost using XAMPP.  Let me convince you, your problem is solved now. We came up with our explanation to set up XAMPP on localhost machine. We WordPress based blogger know how to play with plugins and widgets, coding to a limit is not what we are good at.  So surely we will need a testing platform. I know few of you check for new updates and plugins on a daily basis to make your website look stunning.

Installing WORDPRESS on XAMPP is not easy, let me tell you but it gives a perfect platform for us to create a local web server and provide an ideal testing environment. So the question is WHAT IS XAMPP?

XAMPP is an open-source platform. XAMPP is a completely free, easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. The XAMPP open source package has been set up to be incredibly easy to install and to use. XAMPP runs on every platform, it works on Linux, Mac but we are following windows today.

Download XAMPP, if you don’t have it. It is absolutely free.  Always keep on updating XAMPP to newer versions time to time & enjoy new features.


Follow-up steps to install WORDPRESS on localhost using XAMPP 

Downloaded XAMPP file is of 109MB in size, run the installer. XAMPP setup up box will be shown.

installation of xampp

Click next, next; you will be asked to select the component of the software you like to install. Since we are installing XAMPP and WORDPRESS other than essential component just check the MYSQL, PHPMyAdmin along with FileZilla FTP server. Other than that it is up to you what else you like to install.

2nd -installation of xampp

Click next, next; select the folder where you would like to install XAMPP on your machine. In my case, I’m going to create a new folder in C:\XAMPP. Click next.

Now just follow installation process and you’re done. By now XAMPP would have been installed.  The Control panel will automatically open. Just start APACHE and MYSQL services.

3rd image -installation of xampp

You can check your local server is working or not just type http://localhost on your browser and XAMPP window will appear. Everything looks fine, till now.

Now setting up your Localhost MYSQL database, Just type http://localhost/phpMyadmin on your browser

4th image -installation of xampp

We are almost done now; few more steps and we are done. Just click on DATABASES on the top left corner of the center partition of the page. Create your Database, in my case I have created ‘asd’ as my database folder.

5th image -installation of xampp


WORDPRESS is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. We like to say that WORDPRESS is both free and priceless at the same time. Download the latest version of the WORDPRESS.  By clicking here

In order to install WORDPRESS on a localhost server, unzip the downloaded folder and copy the inner file to the C:\XAMPP\htdocs\asd that my directory where I am installing the file. I have kept database name and folder name same in order to avoid inconvenience.

6th image -installation of xampp

Now just type, http://localhost/asd and start with your famous WORDPRESS installation. You will need a username, database name, password just set them up by Opening wp-config-sample.php and follow an installation of WORDPRESS.


This is what I do when I have XAMPP easy way to run a local server. Rather than installing WORDPRESS on a live site checking what I can do with themes and plugins. The best part, it reduces the loading time to a drastic level on local servers. “How to install WORDPRESS on localhost using XAMPP” Shows the step by step methodology to install WORDPRESS.

Do you have any problem installing XAMPP, drop out a comment down below If you like this blog, Sharing is appreciated Keep visiting for such amazing blog posts!

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